Suspect Accused of Joining 14th Feb. Coalition Sentenced to 15-Year Jail Term, Revoked of his Citizenship, Fined 100.000 BD

2017-06-07 - 12:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The High Sixth Court of Appeals presided over by judge Ibrahim Al-Zayed and memberships of judges Dia'a Al-Huraidi and Salah Rizk and Yousif Bu Hardan as secretariat upheld a verdict sentencing a suspect to 15 years in prison, stripping him of his nationality and fining him 100.000 BD over joining 14th February Coalition.

The authorities accused the suspect of receiving funds and trainings on the use of weapons and explosives for a terrorist aim, setting fire, putting hoax bombs, assembling, making riots, acquiring Molotov and leaving the country in an illegal way.

The appellant is the first suspect in the case that included 3. The first instance court had sentenced the first suspect to 15 years in prison and 100.000 BD fine and sentenced the other 2 to 10 years. Meanwhile, it revoked the citizenship of the 3 convicts.

The first suspect challenged the ruling, while the other 2 are still fugitives.

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