6-Year Jail Term Handed down to Drug User Accused of Theft and Arms Possession

2017-06-02 - 11:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Fifth High Criminal Court presided over by judge Ibrahim Al-Zayed with the membership of judges Mohsen Mabrouk and Moataz Abu Al-Ezz and Yousif Bu Hardan as a secretariat sentenced a suspect to 6 years in prison and fined him 300 BD over acquiring weapon, stealing gold and money and using drugs, and ordered the confiscation of seized items.

The court sentenced the defendant to 3 years and fined him 300 BD over acquiring weapon without a license and one year in prison over stealing gold and money and two years over using drugs and narcotics.

The court convicted the defendant because on January 11, 2017, he acquired a weapon without a license from the ministry of interior, stole gold and money from the victim's house, and acquired illegal narcotics aiming at using them.

The police investigations led to the suspect. Searching his house, the police found a firearm and narcotics.

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