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Al-Daihi to Middle East Eye: Isn’t it time for UN to Send Special Representative to Bahrain?

2017-06-01 - 7:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, said that the international community has legal and moral obligations to provide protection for peaceful protesters and civil community in Bahrain.

In an interview with the Middle East, Al-Daihi asked "After all these crimes and violations and after the Diraz massacre, is it not high time for the United Nations secretary general to send a special representative to Bahrain?"

"This latest escalation and the attack against Diraz, as well as the targeting of Ayatollah Qassim, have taken place a result of the international community's silence and complicity in the crimes committed against the political majority as well as the majority of the population in Bahrain," he said.

Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed that Al-Wefaq will continue its firm national program despite all the challenges, and that the government can't stop the legitimate and just demands through dissolving political societies.

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