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Dozens of Arab Figures Condemn “Bloody Oppression” in Diraz, Demand Genuine Dialogue

2017-05-29 - 7:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Dozens of Arab figures condemned the bloody oppression practiced by the Bahraini government against peaceful protestors in Diraz, expressing concern over the "bloody violence of governmental authorities".

The Arab activists noted in a statement on (May 28, 2017) that Bahrain "witnessed a bloody and brutal attack by the governing authorities after Riyadh summit," saying that "these bloody measures raised concerns among forces and national, patriotic and leftist movements inside and outside Bahrain." The activists strongly condemned the persistence of the Bahraini government on destroying the country and persecuting people.

The signatories, including Arab intellectuals, politicians and activists, urged to "make sincere call for genuine and national dialogue that guarantees the choices of people and protect the country from destruction and foreign interference." The signatories expressed solidarity with the will of the Bahraini people, demanding to immediately stop "these bloody measures and release all the prisoners".

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