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Bahraini Interior Ministry Admits to Burying Diraz Martyrs without Handing over Bodies to their Families

2017-05-28 - 10:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: Two days after burying the bodies of the five martyrs who were killed in the Diraz attack on May 23, 2017, the Bahraini Interior Ministry admitted to burying the martyrs without handing over their bodies to their families for them to decide how they would like to hold their funerals and burial.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs at the Ministry of the Interior said on Sunday (May 28, 2017) that the process of burying the deceased, who died in the security operation in the village of Diraz, was made after contacting their families on Friday (May 26, 2017), and asking them to attend the burial. The ministry added that the families expressed their readiness to attend; however, after proceeding to take the necessary measures in this regard, they declined and refused to attend the burial. The Interior Ministry further claimed that this is documented by recordings. The Ministry of Interior's comments came in response to an article published by the local Al-Wasat newspaper in its Sunday issue, entitled, "The Five Diraz Deceased Buried without their Families' knowledge."

The Assistant Undersecretary further explained that the burial ceremony was concluded after the Ghusl, Takfeen and burial were fully completed under the supervision of one of the clerics who held the necessary prayers for the deceased. The Undersecretary further claimed that the whole process was done in accordance with the requirements of the Shiite Ja'fari doctrine, and documented in audio and video.

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