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RSF Urges Bahrain to Stop Intimidating Journalists, Drop Charges against Nazeeha Saeed

2017-05-27 - 9:17 p

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: Reporters without Borders (RSF) said in a statement on its website that it "urges the Bahrain authorities to drop its prosecution of the journalist Nazeeha Saeed on the eve of a verdict in her case, and to halt their efforts to intimidate journalists."

"RSF reiterates its request for the charges against this journalist [Nazeeha Saeed] to be dropped to allow her to renew her permit and work in the country again, without fear of reprisals," said Alexandra El- Khazen, the head of RSF's Middle East desk.

El- Khazen added that "More broadly, RSF condemns increasing intimidation of journalists in the country and, in particular, a tougher attitude noticed recently towards the international media."

The organization noted that Saeed is the only journalist to have been charged, but her case is not unique. Last year, the authorities refused to renew the accreditation of at least five local journalists working for international news organizations. The authorities arrested photographer Mohammed Al-Shaikh who works for AFP and questioned him before releasing him without charge.

Bahrain is among the countries in the Middle East with the most journalists in prison, with at least 14 behind bars, including citizen journalists. It is ranked 164th of 180 countries in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

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