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UAE Welcomes Bahrain’s Measures to Extend Rule of Law in Diraz

2017-05-25 - 4:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: United Arab Emirates said that it welcomes the measures taken by the government of Bahrain to extend the rule of law in Diraz.

The Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement published by Bahrain News Agency that "The United Arab Emirates stresses its solidarity with the Kingdom of Bahrain and its support for the measures taken to safeguard its security and stability and the safety of its citizens and residents."

The ministry stressed that "The security and stability of Bahrain is an integral part of the security and stability of the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries," adding that it rejects pockets of chaos and terrorism in Bahrain, which are supported by foreign parties. The ministry called to "strengthen international cooperation and unite efforts to eradicate terrorism that threatens the countries' security and stability."

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