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Bahrain Democratic Forces Stress Security Solutions Lead to Further Aggravation of Crisis

2017-05-25 - 3:23 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini National Democratic Movement Forces said that they followed up "the unfortunate and disturbing development that began Tuesday morning when the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced the entry of its forces to the village of Diraz". The MoI forces dispersed the month-long stages protest in Diraz, and broke into houses around the sit-in site.

The forces believed in a statement that "the instance on security solutions will only lead to further aggravation of the already precarious political situation." "Dispersing the protest will not ease the tension that our country Bahrain has been suffering for more than 6 years. This requires the necessity of reasoning, and staying away from reactions and retaliations," the statement added.

Moreover, the forces expressed their rejected "calls for escalation and confrontation, in order to protect the lives of citizens." They further demanded releasing all detainees arrested in Diraz, halting break-ins into residents' houses, lifting of siege on village, and opening its entrances.

In addition, the movement called for opening the channels of serious and comprehensive dialogue, in a way that calms the security situation, and results in a breakthrough that would remove our country from the crisis. The forces affirmed that this should guarantee constitutional rights for all parties, establish a new stage of restoring trust, and create real circumstances for security and political breakthroughs, sustainable development, and social stability.

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