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Dr. Taha Dirazi Arrested after his 3-Month Jail Term Upheld

2017-05-24 - 9:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activists on social media outlets said that the security authorities arrested on Wednesday (May 24, 2017) neurosurgeon Dr. Taha Al-Dirazi from the court after his 3-month jail term was upheld over the charge of taking part in Diraz protest.

Activists stressed that Al-Dirazi was arrested after the sentence was issued and he was directly transferred to Jaw prison to serve his sentence.

Al-Dirazi was referred to trial last year over the charge of taking part in Diraz protest that was staged since June 20, 2016 against the decision that revoked Sheikh Isa Qassim's citizenship.

The First-Instance court sentenced Al-Dirazi to 3 months in prison. However, he appealed the sentence that was upheld. Al-Dirazi's lawyer objected the sentence, yet, his objection was rejected in today's session.

Yesterday, security forces affiliated to the ministry of interior dispersed Diraz protest and raided Sheikh Qassim's house. The ministry said in a statement that it arrested 286 individuals, adding that 5 others were killed.

The United Nations called on the Bahraini authorities to investigate the killing incident of a protestor in Diraz. Meanwhile, the United States only expressed concerns and called for restraint.

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