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Al-Wefaq Dep. SG: Verdict on Ayatollah Qassim, Stealing Khums Money Cause Political, Social & Religious Earthquake

2017-05-21 - 9:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary General of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi said that what happened in the past 6 years left a deep wound, but what happened today after the verdict against Sheikh Isa Qassim will cause "a political, social, and religious earthquake."

In a group of tweets on his "Twitter" account, al-Daihi said that "the Bahraini regime in its unjust verdict against Ayatollah Qassim is criminalizing following the Jaafari doctrine, and is stealing its legitimate money."

"The regime in Bahrain has been reaping defeats since 2011, but this time it scored a fatal blow by committing this folly," al-Daihi added.

Moreover, he noted that "Ayatollah Qassim's trial will destroyed all tricks and makeup that covered the regime's façade since 7 years. It reveals the ugliness that cannot be enhanced."

"On the level of losing and winning, the Sheikh and the people didn't and will never lose anything due to this trial. The regime however lose everything, and days stand witness to that. What happened in the past 6 years left a deep wound, but what happened today will leave a political, social and religious earthquake," al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General asserted.

"In all the world's experiences, governments open the space to ease tensions, yet this regime will live in tension for centuries because of this trial," he added.

He further stressed that whoever takes the decision to try to Shiite existence will be in a weak position for years to come, asserting that the crime of trying Sheikh Qassim cannot be contained.

Al-Daihi reassured the Bahrainis, saying that "whoever commits such a level of injustice, will live in terror until the end of his life.

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