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Public Prosecution Says it will Confiscate Funds in Sheikh Qassim’s Case, Direct them in Charity, Humanitarian Work

2017-05-21 - 3:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Attorney General of the Public Prosecution stated that the High Criminal Court issued its sentence Sunday (May 21, 2017) in the case linked to collecting money in violation of law provisions, and to money laundering obtained from this crime. This case convicts Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim and two others, and the court ruled against the defendant a 1-year imprisonment sentence, with sentence suspension. Each defendant was fined with BD 100,000, while the court ruled the confiscation of retained funds.

The attorney pointed out that the Public Prosecution, and owing competence in implementing criminal verdicts once they become final, will adopt legal action to implement the ruling, including the confiscation of funds.

He added that the Public Prosecution would place those funds under the legally competent ministry, in order for it to direct them in charity and humanitarian work in areas under the supervision of a legitimate judicial committee.

Moreover, the attorney general confirmed that the Public Prosecution is currently studying the sentence against Sheikh Qassim, to determine the possibility of appeal.

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