Case of Nabeel Rajab Adjourned until May 30, with his Continued Detention

2017-05-17 - 6:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Third Minor Criminal Court presided over by judge Jaber Al-Jazzar and Hussein Yousif as a secretariat adjourned the case of the human rights defender Nabeel Rajab, in which he is accused of spreading false news about the Kingdom's internal situations, until May 30 to show the CDs and watch the video in question, also authorizing the defense panel to meet with the defendant where he is being held.

During the session it was noted that the court inquired first and foremost about Rajab's medical condition.

Rajab did not attend yesterday's session. A security man from the party remanding Rajab presented a written notice (letter) stating that he is at hospital for treatment

Lawyers Jalila Al-Sayed and Mohammad Al-Jishi attended the session. Meanwhile, representatives from foreign embassies and 2 representatives from the National Human Rights Institution were also present.

The defence team focused during the session on the health condition of their defendant. The defence team said "Two reports were issued, one in Arabic and the other in English, stating that Rajab has an opened injury at the bottom of his back and that he suffers many diseases since his arrest due to his immunodeficiency." The defence team demanded to know more about Rajab's health case, especially that the Deputy Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Dosari talked about Rajab in the local newspapers "his medical test sample was sent to Germany at the expense of the country," and thus they wanted to know the results of the sample.

The defence team further stated that Rajab detention place does not suit the diseases he suffers from. The team reiterated their request to release their client and to summon the competent doctor to discuss his health condition.

The defence team told the court that it received a call from Rajab before the session, announcing that he is banned from making calls.

The Public Prosecution had referred Rajab "detained" to the court over the charge of spreading and disseminating false news through taking part in interviews made with foreign media outlets and saying statements contrary to the truth.  

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