Court Upholds 10-Year Jail Term against Defendant Accused of Burning MP Mohammad Miladís car

2017-05-12 - 7:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court presided over by judge Mohammad bin Ali Al Khalifa and Naji Abdullah as a secretariat rejected the objection of a convict sentenced to 10 years in prison over the charge of burning MP's car, and upheld the 10-year jail term issued against him.

The Fourth High Criminal Court had sentenced 4 suspects to 10 years in prison over burning the car of MP Mohammad Milad.

Advocate General and Chief of Bahrain's Terror Crime Prosecution Ahmed Al-Hammadi said at that time that the prosecution concluded its investigations in the case of burning MP's car and referred 4 suspects, 2 of whom imprisoned, and charged them with arson for terrorist aim.

The prosecution relied on the hearsay evidence, attesting witnesses (policemen), technical evidence as well as testimonies of the suspects.

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