Appeal Acquits 3 Defendants of Karzakan Assembly Charges based on Confessions Under Duress

2017-05-12 - 3:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Third Supreme Court of Appeal overturned a first instance court verdict against two appellants, acquitting them of charges of assembly and endangering means of transportation in Karzakan.

The court said that after reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case, the court saw that the evidence were questioned by the court, and were rendered invalid. It noted that one of the appellants withdrew his statements given in the investigations, and said he was under duress, and therefore the court questions the validity of the testimony and does not rely on it to indict the accused.

On this level, the defendant said that the officer who arrested him made him hold a fire extinguisher, then told him that his fingerprints are now on it, and that the officer would make him involved in another case if he didn't confess to be involved in this one. The defendant was then afraid, and therefore he confessed to being involved.

The First Instance Court had ruled the imprisonment of 3 defendants to 3 years, while the 3rd defendant was acquitted earlier.

The Public Prosecution accused the 3 defendants of taking part in an illegal assembly on February 12, 2015, and of endangering public and private transportation.

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