Court Sentences 12 Suspects to 7 Years in Prison, 2 Other to 3 Years over “Attacking Sitra Police Station”

2017-05-11 - 7:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court presided over by judge Ali Al-Dhahrani and memberships of judges Ousama Al-Shathili and Wael Ibrahim and Ahmad Al-Suleiman as a secretariat sentenced 12 suspects to 7 years in prison over attacking Sitra police station with Molotov and putting hoax bomb. The court also sentenced 2 suspects (who are under 18 years) to 3 years in prison, bound all the suspects to pay 212.5 BD for the damages caused to the station and ordered the confiscation of the hoax bomb and the Molotov.

The court sentenced the suspects from the first till the sixth, from the eighth till the eleventh and the thirteenth and fourteenth to 7 years in prison. It also handed down 3-year jail term to each of the seventh and twelfth suspects.  

The court said given that the last two suspects were under 18 when the incident took place, it commuted their sentences and dealt with them pursuant to article 70/71 of the penal code.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of putting, along with other unknowns, on September 22, 2016, hoax bomb on the public street for a terrorist aim and deliberately damaging, along with other unknowns, public properties, Sitra Police station, for a terrorist aim. The Prosecution accused the suspects of taking part in an assembly and using violence to achieve the aim they gathered for as well as and acquiring Molotov.

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