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HR Activists Document 37 Travel Bans and 25 Summonses this Week

2017-04-27 - 7:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist told the Al-Wasat local newspaper that 37 human rights activist were banned from traveling and that 25 were summoned for interrogation at the public prosecution (from the onset of the week until Wednesday, April 26, 2017).

According to the human rights activist whom the newspaper did not publish their names, "until yesterday (Wednesday) subpoenas were sent to 25 activists in the human rights field and civil society institutions to appear before the prosecution. All those interrogated at the prosecution were charged with assembling in Diraz, although people not residing in Diraz are not allowed to enter the village."

They went on to say "As for those banned from traveling, unwritten travel bans were imposed on 37 citizens who only knew about them through reviewing the General Department for Nationality & Passport Residence or when summoned to prosecution."

"These measures coincide with the UPR session, to be held between 1 and 12 May, 2017, to review Bahrain's human rights portfolio. We believe that these measures aim at preventing human rights activists from participating in the session," they further stated.

The human rights activists concluded saying "we urge the official parties in the country to remove the travel ban imposed on human rights activists and those in the civil society institutions. We also call them no to impose restrictions on activists through summoning them to the prosecution because everyone works for Bahrain and none seeks to defame the facts."

It is to mention that since the onset of the week, a number of human rights activists said that they were summoned to the prosecution and that all who were interrogated stated that they were charged with assembling in Diraz.

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