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Geneva: CAT Member “Belmir” Wonders How a Bahraini is Exiled after Revoking his Citizenship

CAT Member Ms. Essadia Belmir
CAT Member Ms. Essadia Belmir

2017-04-26 - 12:31 am

Bahrain Mirror: Committee against Torture (CAT) member Ms. Essadia Belmir addressed the Bahraini delegations stating, "How could someone be exiled after revoking his citizenship? To what country would he be sent to? If we decided to hold him in a safe place, would he be monitored? What is the legal adaptation of a person's status what his Bahraini citizenship is revoked?"

"The legal status of the person whose citizenship is revoked should be reserved, as to how could any country receive them while they are stateless? This would create problems for the people and in relations between countries," Belmir noted.

Moreover, in relation to the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report, Belmir said the report noted two exceptional measures during the times of emergency, national safety and martial law. She clarified that Bahrain chose to implement the national safety, yet it wasn't accompanies with any legislative texts for its implementation.

"In the absence of such legislations, interpretations leading to the application of safety law were carried out, and among the determined requirements were making indefinite detention possible, and that the foreigner poses danger to the general security and citizens' safety; it is therefore allowed to deport him of prevent him from entering Bahrain. This leads to a kind of friction with the Convention against Torture, in case someone was deported while in danger, as this might lead to him being subjected to torture," Belmir went on to say.

In addition, the CAT member indicated that the Bahraini government delegation's answers concerning juveniles are irrelevant to the question she asked about the number of minors accused in security or so-called "terrorism" crimes.

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