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Geneva: Bahrain says Cost to Repair “Jaw Prison” Buildings after Riots BD 1.35M

CAT Member Allessio Bruni
CAT Member Allessio Bruni

2017-04-26 - 12:07 am

Bahrain Mirror: Head of Legal Affairs Department in the Ministry of Interior Rashid Bunajma denied allegations by the Committee against Torture (CAT) member Allessio Bruni that "Jaw" Prison witnessed riots every year. He noted, "Jaw Prison saw one riot case, and other events were terrorist attacks from outside prison."

Bunajma confirmed that the cost to repair the Jaw Prison buildings after the riots reached 1.35 Million Bahraini Dinars, and that these events led to the injury of 104 inmates and 141 security troops.

Bruni had said in his intervention that in the previous session, he brought up the topic of riots in Bahraini prisons, and that a riot occurs once every year.

"We also received information that prisoners are subjected to collective punishments, and these allegations include restrictions on food and keeping inmates outside their wards. This seems like a collective punishment," he added.

"There are reports that prison conditions are very bad, especially with prisons' overcrowding, and this is the question I did not get an answer to," Bruni further noted.

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