Court Upholds 7-Year Jail Term against 9 Youths, including Brother of Martyr Al-Damestani

2017-04-24 - 9:06 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The First High Criminal Court presided over by judge Mohammad Al Khalifa upheld on Monday (April 24, 2017) a verdict issued against 9 youths from Diraz, sentencing them to 7 years in prison over burning tires on Al-Budai Street. Meanwhile, the court commuted the verdict issued against 3 youths over the same case, sentencing one to 2 years in prison and 2 others to 3 years.

It is to mention that Jaafar Ibrahim Al-Damestani (22 years), brother of martyr Ali Al-Damestani and son of previously detained nurse Ibrahim Al-Damestani, was among the 9 convicts. Jaafar was subjected to continuous targeting; he was arrested for one month in 2013 over tweets through which he demanded treating his father, victim of torture, and holding the executioner Mobarak bin Huwail, who supervised torturing Ibrahim Al-Damestani after he remained about a month in the solitary confinement, accountable. Jaafar was then released and re-arrested in October 16, 2014 over burning tires, although witnesses affirmed that he was with them when the incident took place. Jaafar was later sentenced to 7 years in prison.

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