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Transparency International Condemns Bahrain Travel Ban on Sharaf Almosawi to Attend UN Meetings

2017-04-22 - 3:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: Transparency International today called on the government of Bahrain to lift its travel ban on Sayed Sharaf Almosawi, the chair of its partner organization in Bahrain, the Bahrain Transparency Society.

Transparency International strongly condemned the ongoing intimidation and harassment of anti-corruption activists and human rights defenders in Bahrain. 

The organization added that this is the second time the authorities have barred Sharaf from travelling to Beirut to attend a meeting on the United Nations development goals for 2030, without giving an explanation.

Moreover, it noted, "This also comes ahead of Sharaf's planned travel to Geneva to attend discussions on Bahrain's report for the 27th Session of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review Working Group on 1 May at the UN Human Rights Council."

Last year he was banned from travel twice to attend the 32nd and 33rd sessions at the Human Right Council in Geneva, Transparency International further noted in its report.

On the same level, the organization noted that today, Abdulnabi Al-Ekry, the former chair of the Bahrain Transparency Society, was called in for questioning, along with other human rights activists, by the public prosecutor without any explanation.

Transparency International urged the government of Bahrain to show its support for civil society by ending the harassment of activists and by upholding the commitments it has made to protect the freedom of expression, assembly and association of its citizens, including civil society activists.

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