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Wa’ad S-G to Inciters: You won’t Drag us to Childish Quarrels, Your Charges and Provocations Won't Affect Us

2017-04-21 - 7:00 am

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The National Democratic Action General Secretary, lawyer Fouad Seyadi tackled some repressive attempts conspired against his society for the aim of deviating it from its national maxims and legitimate political work.

Wa'ad held a seminar entitled "What do they want from Wa'ad?" on Wednesday (April 19, 2017) and talked about the charges fabricated against the society since it was established.

Seyadi pointed out to the contradictory stances Wa'ad was subjected to at the hands of subverters and adopters of agendas when they criticized its boycott to the 2002 parliamentary elections and showed their "regret" for the society's refusal to take part in the elections and accused it of extremism. They, however, stood together against it when it decided to participate in the 2006 elections under the slogan of "enough corruption" using all the available social media to attack it and prevent it from reaching the parliament, he added.

Regarding the "Iran dependency" charge brought by the authority parties and media outlets against Wa'ad, Seyadi said that some people have went further in their outrage against us and tried to intimidate people by bringing up our struggle history in Oman and the Gulf in a defaming manner to prove that we follow foreign agendas. He stressed that these parties have forgotten our roles and stances regarding colonialism and liberation. He went on to say that they have also forgotten that we were the first society to stage protests in more than one Arab country, mainly UAE, against the Iranian occupation for the UAE islands, noting that they paid dearly for their stances.

Seyadi confirmed that Wa'ad continue "to exercise its constitutional right in maintaining its national and political maxims," noting that this irritates some people and that it's up to them. The secretary general stressed that "these are the same maxims and aims set by Wa'ad in its statute and approved by the ministry of justice in 2006 since it was established."

Lawyer Fouad Seyadi condemned the role played by the media and social media outlets in the blatant incitement against Wa'ad. He said that some people are not satisfied to see Wa'ad's success, despite all the measures they took against it since the 2011 events and what followed them of incitement of hatred. He responded to those who filed the inciting lawsuits saying "We will not respond whether in a good or a bad way. We will not allow them to drag us to childish quarrels and we will not get affected by their charges and provocations. Our eyes and hearts seek our nation's reformation.

Wa'ad is facing a dissolution lawsuit brought by the ministry of justice and its final hearing is scheduled on April 30. Meanwhile, pro-government newspapers and journalists are still launching a repressive campaign against the society, accusing it of betraying the country, supporting terrorism and following the Guardianship of the (Iranian) Islamic Jurist (Wilayat Al-Faqih).

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