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Bahrain National Democratic Forces Condemn Egypt Blasts

2017-04-11 - 5:20 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini National Democratic Movement Forces condemned the recent terrorist blasts in Egypt, which targeted Coptic churches in Alexandria and Tanta.

The movement noted that these vicious blasts come days before the scheduled visit of the Vatican Pope to Egypt end of April, noting that these highlights the terrorist aims of these blasts, to destabilize the national unity of the Egyptian people.

Moreover, the Bahraini national forces said that as "ISIS declared responsibility of the blasts, then this shoes what's coming is worse, and that the terrorist affiliation is spreading past, and poses danger on all counties of the region and the world."

The forces noted that this dangerous spread wouldn't have been possible if not for the sponsorship of the US and western countries and their protection of dictatorships around the world.

On this level, the Bahraini national movement called upon the entire Arab regimes to get rid of terrorism in their countries through spreading national reconciliations, and adopting real democratic processes. They also called on incriminating hatred rhetoric, and reconsidering educational curriculum, media programs, to spread the concepts of freedom, equality, justice, and provide a decent live for all citizens.

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