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Wa’ad Society’s Website Hacked, Controlled by Unknowns

2017-04-02 - 8:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" announced that "its electronic website was hacked yesterday (Friday, April 1, 2017) as the internal website's control page was infiltrated and we were not able to log in any longer in order to add a subject or announcement or even control the website's content."

Wa'ad said in a statement to the local Al-Wasat newspaper that "the hackers haven't blocked the society's website until now although they can. They, however, totally froze it and they are controlling it now."

It added "we started to monitor electronic attacks on the society's website from outside Bahrain about two months ago and it was a remarkable matter because we haven't faced such a cyber-attack on our website throughout the past years."

It concluded saying "It is remarkable that this cyber-attack came shortly after unknown individuals sabotaged the cars of some participants in a seminar held by the society."

It is to mention that the Bahraini Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs filed a lawsuit to dissolve Wa'ad and that the major administrative court commenced on Monday (March 20, 2017) the society's first hearing.

The Ministry of Justice announced Monday (March 6, 2017) that it had filed a lawsuit demanding the dissolution of "Wa'ad", claiming that it had perpetrated "serious violations targeting the principle of respecting the rule of law, supporting terrorism and sanctioning violence by glorifying people convicted for terrorism cases."

The major administrative court postponed the first hearing on dissolving the National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" to April 17, so that the defense lawyers representing Wa'ad could present their proxies. It is to note that 7 lawyers attended the first hearing session to defend the society.

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