Martyr Mostafa Hamdanís Mother Bids Farewell to her Son

2017-03-26 - 2:34 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Amidst the chanting of mournful religious hymns and wailing of women, martyr Mostafa Hamdan's mother stood before the vehicle carrying her late son's body and pleaded in content: O Allah, accept this sacrifice from me! May God be pleased with you my beloved son.



Her eldest son Mostafa has died by a gunshot yet his murderer remains free. However, Mostafa's photo will continue to haunt him throughout his whole life.

Hamdan's mother stood with her head held up high and offered sweets to thousands of mourners who came from various villages across Bahrain to take part in his funeral and congratulate her for her son achieving the honor of martyrdom, for death in this island kingdom is mixed with both feelings of sadness and pride.



Many fathers of martyrs attended Hamdan's funeral. Father of the youth martyr Ali Al-Singace, who was executed earlier this year talked to Hamdan, telling him: Send my greetings to my son and tell him that he made his father and mother very proud.



An elderly woman on crutches also participated in the funeral to bid farewell to 18-year-old Mostafa Hamdan's youth despite her old age.



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