Detention of Policeman Accused of Human Trafficking Renewed

2017-03-29 - 9:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Third High Criminal Court renewed the detention of a policemen for 15 days over case of human trafficking in Colombian girls.

Information reported that an Arab policeman working in the civilian patrols is carrying out illegal acts. Investigations confirmed that the police (38 years) is cooperating with another Colombian suspect by tricking Colombian girls through publishing ads on social media outlets stating that there are job opportunities in Bahrain. Girls who submit for the jobs communicate with the second Colombian suspect. The girls are then chosen and sent to Bahrain where the two suspects imprison them in one of the hotels and force them to make sex for money.

After acquiring a notice from the public prosecution, police headed to the hotel and released the imprisoned girls who confirmed what was mentioned in the investigations. They said that the suspect (policeman) beats the girl who refuses the job and asks her to pay him 4500 BD in case she wants to return to her country.

The police denied the charges brought against him, however, the girls identified him and the other Colombian suspect.

The prosecution accused the policeman of human trafficking and ordered his detention, noting that it was renewed yesterday over the case.

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