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Bahrain's TV Airs Testimonies of Suspects Accused of Targeting American Soldiers & Blasting Police Bus

2017-03-27 - 6:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Ministry of Interior claimed on Sunday (March 26, 2017) that it had disrupted a group planning to target American soldiers working in the American navy in Bahrain.

The Ministry stated that fourteen individuals had been arrested, eleven of whom are suspected of receiving overseas military training under the supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Iraq, adding that the group monitored the movements of soldiers from Bahrain airport to the US base in Juffair.

The television broadcast confessions to people stating that they have relation with Sayed Mortada Al-Sanadi who was added to the terror list by the US department state on March 17.

The ministry published a statement on its website about the arrest of the group. However, the statement did not mention anything about targeting American soldiers and said that the arrested targeted a bus transferring policemen on February 26 near Jaw prison.

Bahrain always announces dismantling terrorist cells in which it depends on confessions of suspects extracted under torture.

Detainees in similar cases announced before the courts being subjected to torture, however, the courts refuse the detainees' testimonies.

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