Minister of Commerce: Saudis Own 5% of Bahrain’s Commercial Records

2017-03-22 - 11:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Minister of Industry and Commerce Zayed Al-Zayani said that "The Saudi market is a priority for us. The Saudi investor center was announced during the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince. This will facilitate the establishment of Saudi investor companies who owns 5% of Bahrain's records."

Responding to a parliamentary question, Al-Zayani considered the said number "too humble with respect to the relation with Saudi Arabia, noting that the Saudi investor forms 55% of the capital invested in the Bahrain stock exchange. We will facilitate the measures in this regard, so the investor can use his account in the Saudi stock exchange in order to use it easily in that of Bahrain."

On the other hand, MP Nabil Al-Balooshi commented on the answer of Minister of Industry and Commerce Zayed Al-Zayani on his question about the fees imposed by the ministry on the industrial, commercial and tourist sectors throughout the five past years, "Where are the studies upon which the competent parties like Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry set the imposed the fees?"

Al-Balooshi added "addressing difficult economic circumstances should not be through imposing fees that are added on burden of the citizen rather than moving and investing the lands owned by some parties."

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