Clashes Erupt Near Pearl Roundabout as Mourning Service over Martyr Mohammad Sahwan Ends

2017-03-20 - 11:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Protesters clashed with regime forces Monday (March 20, 2017) after they tried to reach the Pearl (Lualua) Roundabout, the center of the vast popular protests Bahrain witnessed in 2011.

Angry protesters took to the streets of Sanabis, west of Manama, after concluding the mourning services over martyr Mohammad Sahwan, who died in prison, 5 years after his detention over charges linking him to joining "Qatar Cell".

Protesters marched towards the Pearl Roundabout before a large military force, which has massed its forces hours before the protest took off, intercepted them.

Regime forces fired shotgun bullets and teargas canisters at protesters, leading to several injuries, according to eyewitnesses.

Sahwan was arrested in November 2011, and faced medical neglect in prison, despite suffering from 80 shrapnel in his body, mostly in the head, due to shotgun bullet fired by regime forces in an April 2011 protest in Sanabis.









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