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Government to Oblige Institutions & Commercial Shops to Install Surveillance Cameras linked to Interior Ministry

2017-03-19 - 3:43 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini government revealed a draft ministerial decree by the ministry of interior obliging institutions and privately owned commercial shops to install surveillance cameras and link them to the Interior Ministry for security surveillance.

This came as a response to a suggestion proposed by the council of representatives regarding covering all Bahraini areas with a net of security surveillance cameras.

The government explained that article 1 of the draft law binds owners of establishments and institutions referred to in article (12) of law 5/1990 on civil defence and those responsible to manage them to install security cameras and surveillance equipment and run them around the clock with control rooms to them," indicating that "the Cabinet approved the new law obliging institutions and privately owned commercial shops to introduce CCTV cameras and link them to the ministry of interior for security surveillance and according to the way recommended by the interior ministry."

The government stressed that the ministry of interior is completing the necessary legal procedures as an introduction to publish it in the official gazette, adding that the ministry spares no effort in promoting and improving the level of security around the clock; it provided vital areas and streets in the kingdom, as well as sites where there are murders and riots and important areas on the security, economic and military levels, with security surveillance cameras."

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