Appeal Court Commutes Prison Sentence of Hussein al-Asfour’s Killer to 10 Years

2017-03-15 - 11:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeal commuted the prison sentence against the Bahraini who killed Bahraini young man Hussein al-Asfour, from 15 years to 10 years.

The First Instance Court had sentenced the perpetrator to prison, and ordered the confiscation of the knife, as part of the civil lawsuit raised and referred to the competent minor court.

The Public Prosecution had accused the defendant of deliberately killing the victim, Hussein al-Asfour, on June 1, 2015, through stabbing him in the heart. According to the coroner's report, the deliberate injuries caused in his body claimed his life.

Investigations found that a Bahraini stabbed another in the right side of his chest as a result of a quarrel between both sides. The victim was rushed to the hospital, who passed away upon arrival. The suspect handed himself in to the police station, and admitted to the occurrences of the incident.

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