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Al-Wefaq: Ayatollah Qassim’s Trial Targets Entire Religious Sect

2017-03-15 - 4:24 am

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary General of al-Wefaq Islamic National Society, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi said that the Bahraini regime has reiterated continuing the trial against a true Islamic doctrine, its rituals and acts of worship. This comes in response to postponing the hearing to issue verdict in the trial of religious leader Sheikh Isa Qassim.

Sheikh al-Daihi confirmed that the regime continues to try the religious Khums ritual, and target the highest religious authority in Bahrain, Ayatollah Qassim, through its propaganda, alongside the unfair judiciary. He also noted that the regime distorts the image of a true authentic doctrine, and target it through the Khums ritual.

He stressed that what is happening needs awareness and vigilance in refusing this huge sectarian project that targets Bahrain through targeting sects and their authorities. He also indicated that such a project aims at achieving sectarian gains that do not serve the country, and do not comply with the culture based on coexistence.

Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General asserted that Ayatollah Qassim is a national leader that has vast popularity inside Bahrain, and remains to play the biggest role in building patriotism, civil peace, and he is behind the constant call for unity, peacefulness, and social coexistence.

He added that Sheikh Qassim's authentic Islamic rhetoric has left a trace in Bahrain, and even in the Arab and Islamic world, and thus he has gained the respect and appreciation of many Arab, Muslim, and international communities.

Furthermore, Sheikh al-Daihi said, "Sheikh Isa practiced his religious role with complete awareness, knowledge, clarity, and transparency, with a legal and legitimate practice. All attempts to distort his bright image are immature attempts, not based on any logic or law."

Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed that Sheikh Qassim's stances are an asset to the country, and all citizens, as he is keen on the national interests, and those of the citizens. He further noted that the Bahrainis will adhere to their legitimate rights in the drastic change towards democracy, and towards achieving peaceful participation in the executive authority.

The al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General concluded by saying, "We are at a dangerous crossroads in case enmity against the indigenous people continued while they remain feeling in danger." He also said they feel their existence is threatened when their religious rituals and obligations, like Khums, are targeted, and when their most prominent religious authority, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim is targeted.

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