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UAE Regrets UN Human Rights High Commissioner’s Statement on Bahrain

2017-03-14 - 12:56 am

Bahrain Mirror: The United Arab Emirates regretted the statement of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad, concerning Bahrain.

This came in the UAE's statement before the UN Human Rights Council's 34th cycle, delivered by the Emirati permanent representative at the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Obaid Salem Al Zaabi.

Al Zaabi believed that dealing with the situation in Bahrain from a human rights perspective alone, does not reflect the reality of the situation, not does it help in understanding events in an objective way. He also noted that this approach does not contribute to fixing the current situation. He went on to say that this "short-eyed" vision disregards the constructive measures adopted by the Bahraini government, most important of which establishing an independent national commission concerned with human rights and other reforms. The Emirati ambassador claimed that this stems from Bahrain's keenness to open the door for dialogue for everyone, based on the kingdom's laws and international standards.

On this level, Ambassador Al Zaabi called on the UN High Commission to reassess the situation in Bahrain, and to adopt the cooperation and discussions approach with the Bahraini government, to achieve the Bahraini people's demands.

The UN High Commission for Human Rights had openly criticized the repression suffered by the Bahraini opposition, stressing that "this repression will not eliminate people's grievances, but would rather increase them."

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