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BCHR Documents 28 Arrests within One Week, including Woman and 2 Life Term Sentences

2017-03-07 - 8:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) Mohammad Sultan said that the Bahraini authorities arrested 28 citizens, including 5 children and a woman within the last week.

Sultan explained that the protests are still ongoing in Bahrain. BCHR documented 129 protests in different 40 villages, indicating that the authorities confronted 29 of them using the internationally banned "shotguns" and tear gas canisters, which resulted in several suffocation cases in houses of citizens. Besides, a number of injuries were recorded due to the shotguns and tear gas canisters (CS4) fired directly against the protestors aiming at targeting them.

BCHR member announced that the country and appeals courts issued sentences against 19 defendants in 6 politically motivated cases, adding that 8 citizens were stripped of their nationalities. Meanwhile, the Bahraini courts issued 2 life term sentences.

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