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Iran Advises Bahraini Government to Treat its People Fairly and Honestly Instead of Resorting to Security Approaches

2017-03-07 - 8:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised the government of Bahrain to do its best to treat its people fairly and with honesty instead of resorting to “outdated” and security approaches.

Spokesman of Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi’s words came on (March 6, 2017) as response to latest accusations of Bahraini authorities related to Iran’s interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs.

“It is obvious that playing a blame game is an approach followed by all tyrant rulers who have problem with their own people and this would never help resolve the existing crises,” Qasemi further stated.

Qasemi said “The Bahraini rulers are not able to resolve the country's internal problems and fail to meet the peaceful and civilian demands,” advising the Bahraini government “to treat their people fairly and with honesty based on moral principles instead of resorting to outdated and security approaches.”

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