Court Hands down 3-Year Jail Term to 4 Wanted over "Hiding" & 3-Year Jail Term to Fifth Defendant over Sheltering them in Apartment in Qalali

2017-03-06 - 9:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court sentenced a suspect to 3 years in prison over hiding four wanted fugitives over Al-Daih blast case. The court also handed down 3-year jail term to the four wanted over hiding.

According to court files, the first suspect sheltered the other suspects in February 2016, despite knowing they are wanted. The investigations led to the first suspect who hid the other suspects in his own apartment in Qalali. An arrest warrant was issued based on investigations and the apartment was raided.

The four suspects are wanted by police in connection with murdering police officer, Abdulwahid Faqeer who was killed in a locally made bomb in Al-Dair. The first defendant said that he accepted to offer other defendants haven, after his cousin proposed this to him and that he knew the suspects'  names when he met them.

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