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Family of Hamed Al-Abed Injured on Boat Nearly Month Ago Says: We Know Nothing About him

2017-03-06 - 8:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of injured Hamed Jassim Al-Abed said that they have not received any information about his health condition since he was injured about a month ago, when the special forces opened fire at a boat that was transferring him along with other 9.

Al-Abed and his brother Mohammad were injured on the boat that was chased by the special forces on February 9, 2017, meanwhile, Rida Al-Ghasra, Mahmoud Yahya and Mostafa Yousif were martyred.

The family indicated that Hamed was the only one among detainees who did not call his family and that they only know that he sustained a serious injury. His brother Mohammad told his family in a phone call that he saw his brother Hamed heavily bleeding in the military hospital where he was lying in a bed near him.  

He added "I heard them screaming operations and I couldn't know his health condition later."

The family confirmed that they asked the military hospital, all hospitals and security centers about Hamed, however, all of them denied knowing him.

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