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Council of representatives to Pass Constitutional Amendment Broadening Powers of Military Judiciary

2017-02-19 - 11:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The council of representatives is expected to pass on Tuesday (March 21, 2017) a draft to amend item (b) of article 105 of the constitution concerned in granting military judiciary broader authority.

Yesterday a meeting was held between the committee and Ministry of Interior to expose their visions about the constitutional amendment. The committee will finish its final report on Monday, which makes it available to be presented to the council of representatives on Tuesday's session.

Member of the legislative committee Isa Turki told Al-Wasat newspaper "the legislative held a meeting last Thursday with members of the military judiciary to discuss and review the draft amendment of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its explanatory memoranda for the royal decrees 7/2017. The committee considered during its meeting a legal study, comparing between item (b) of article 105 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the similar texts in Constitutions of the states of experience."

According to the specified legal time, the legislative committee shall submit its report about the constitutional amendment on Monday, and that will be 15 days since receiving the amendment.

Council of Representatives specified on Sunday (February 5, 2017) a special session to discuss a constitutional amendment regarding "military judiciary".

The Constitutional amendment suggests replacing Article 105/B of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The amendment regulates the law of the military judiciary and reveals the military judiciary's powers to each of BDF, National Guard and Public Security, instead of the current text which stipulates that the power of military courts is confined to military crimes involving staff of the BDF, National Guard and Public Security, and that its power shall not extend to others, but only when the martial law is declared.

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