Heavy Rains Flood Bahrain, MoI Advises Citizens to Disconnect Electricity

2017-02-17 - 9:30 p


Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain witnessed heavy rains on the night of Thursday (February 16, 2017) which caused flooded streets.

Social media activists posted videos showing difficulties in traffic due to heavy rains that gathered everywhere. Meanwhile, citizens dealt with the issue in a sarcastic way.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior advised people to stick to precaution measure like disconnecting electricity due to the heavy rain, moving the necessary items to the second floor and avoid using wet electrical appliances until they are dry and fit to use.

The ministry also called on the citizens to report damaged electricity and water connections and wires to concerned authorities. It also called on drivers to avoid water gatherings and places which the depth of the water is unknown.

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