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Death Certificates of “Freedom Martyrs”: Death Cause “Gunshots” in Head, Chest and Pelvis

2017-02-15 - 9:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: The official death certificates issued by the forensic physician in the Ministry of Health stated that the freedom martyrs passed away due to "shots". Meanwhile, the martyrs received shots in different places.

According to the death certificates, the three martyrs died "inside Bahrain's territorial waters east of Bahrain" at about 5 AM, on Thursday (February 9, 2017).

The death certificates signed by Forensic Medicine Department Head Dr. Kamal Al-Saadany announced that martyr Rida Al-Ghasra (29 years) died as a result of gunshots in "the head, chest and pelvis". However, martyr Mostafa Yousif was martyred due to shots in his chest, while martyr Mahmoud Yousif passed away due to shots in chest and head.

The certificates of death did not mention the number of shotguns received by the martyrs.

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