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Haq Movement: Preventing Families from Conducting Religious Rituals for Martyrs, Sign of Regime Brutality

2017-02-12 - 11:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy said that preventing the martyrs' parents and families from bidding their children farewell, and forbidding them to conduct religious rituals, including washing [the bodies] and burial according to their will, is a sign of the Al Khalifa regime's brutality and lack of values, religion, and morals.

In a statement, the movement called for the "vastest support to the Bahrain Scholars statement, through meeting their call to take part in the great popular gatherings in all areas, in symbolic funeral processions for the righteous martyrs."

Moreover, the movement noted that the "discretion on the state of the martyrs' bodies confirms that there is no longer a state [in Bahrain], but rather a criminal gang that kills, prosecutes, and hides all accountability evidences, without any consideration to humanitarian or legal charters."

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