Bahrain Faces Sensitive Economic Conditions, Electricity Authority in Dire Need for Revenue Increase

2017-02-05 - 4:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini daily newspaper Al-Wasat, said that the government had expressed reservations on two proposals presented by the Council of Representatives, suggesting a reduction in electricity and water bills for divorcees and widows. The government reminded the Parliamentarians with the proposal of Bahrain's "sensitive economic conditions", for which it had to take extraordinary measures to address.

The government said that the Electricity and Water Authority is buying electricity from private-sector manufacturing companies, after which it sells it to consumers at nominal prices. This is resulted by the annual aid it received, reaching hundreds of millions of Dinars.

Moreover, the Bahraini government said that the Electricity and Water Authority depends in its business on its own revenues, in addition to the governmental aid. On this level, the authority is in dire need to increase its revenue to improve its performance and increase efficiency.

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