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Customs: “Weed” and “Paan” Most Smuggled Goods into Bahrain

2017-01-28 - 3:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: Customs President Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalifa said that most confiscated goods in one of its borderlines are drugs, especially weed, in addition to "paan", which is banned in Bahrain, while permitted in neighboring countries. The Asian community in Bahrain tries to smuggle "paan" into the country.

Al Khalifa's statement came in an interview with Al-Wasat Newspaper, on the sidelines of an event held last night (Thursday). Customs President also noted a decrease in tax evasion rates, which occurred through disclosing a cheaper price for goods to reduce taxes on them.

Bahrain has recently increased the value of customs taxes on a number of commodities, including tobacco and alcohol. This comes in light of a severe financial crisis witnessed by the country, amid a record decrease of oil prices.

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