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Authorities Carry out Raids in Sitra, Arrest Dozens of Citizens

2017-01-24 - 7:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Security forces carried out a wide raid campaign in Sitra that led to arresting at least dozens of citizens, according to information published on social media outlets.

The raids that were carried on at the dawn of Tuesday (January 24, 2017) led to the arrest of "Hussein Al-Jerdabi, Mosatafa Al-Attar, Alaa Taleb Al-Ansara from Marquban; Hussein Omran, Mojahed Abbas Al-Aradi, Mahmoud Abdulmajid and Sayed Ahmad Sayed Diaa from Wadyan; Abdulamir Abdulrasoul Al-Safi and Ahmad Abdulamir Al-Safi from Safala as well as Mortada Sayed Jawad Jaafar from Al-Kharijiya.

The authorities intensified their campaign against the citizens after they executed 3 political dissidents on Sunday (January 15, 2017).

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