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Bahrain: 117 Days on Detainee Disappearance, Criminal Investigations Refuses to Provide Information

2017-01-24 - 3:25 am

Bahrain Mirror: The family of detainee Fadel Abbass said that they were unable to see him since his arrest 117 days ago, indicating that the last call they received from him was in December 10, 2017, when he was still held in the criminal investigations directorate (CID) building.

Civilian forces raided Thursday dawn September 29, 2016), Abbass's house, located in the city of Hamad, south of Manama, before it took him to an unknown destination, according to Bahrain German Organization for Human Rights and Democracy.

Moreover, the detainee's family said that it received a call from Abbass a week after his detention, during which he confirmed he is held at the directorate building. Two months after, he called again saying he is still held in the same building. Security authorities refused to provide any information about the conditions of his detention.

Amnesty International had confirmed in an annual report that torture in the criminal investigations unit's building is continuous.

The organization also mentioned in its report the torture and other maltreatments practiced against the detainees and suspects, especially against suspects of security of terrorism-linked cases. The report also stressed how this in particular occurred in the Criminal Investigations Directorate.

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