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Rouhani: Our problem Concerns Saudi Arabia's Interference in Yemen & Bahrain

2017-01-18 - 9:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that his country did not seek to cut relations with Saudi Arabia, it was the Saudis themselves who broke relations.

In a press conference held in the presidency building in Tehran to mark the first anniversary of the implementation of a historic nuclear deal, Rouhani stressed that "Saudi Arabia has itself created problems by attacking neighboring countries" expressing his wish that "Saudi Arabia stops its aggression in Yemen, interference in Bahrain and support of terrorism."

"We don't have a bilateral problem with Saudi Arabia. Our problems concern Saudi Arabia's aggression in Yemen, its interference in Bahrain, its interference in the region," he indicated.

President Hassan Rouhani concluded saying "we used to hold talks with Saudi Arabia on continuous basis, but the execution crime of Sheikh Al-Nimr and relations' cut of Saudi Arabia led to tensions between the two countries."

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