Appeals Court Sentences 4 Defendants to 6 Months in Prison over Assembling in Manama in 2013

2017-01-18 - 9:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The third high criminal court presided over by judge Rashid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa and memberships of judges Ayman Mahran and Walid Al-Azemi and Mobarak Al-Anbar as a secretariat sentenced 4 defendants to 6 months in prison over assembling in Manama based on an invitation from Al-Wefaq Society, the largest opposition society in Bahrain, that was dissolved in the mid of 2016.

Al-Wefaq had called in January 2013 for a peaceful protest in Manama. The authorities refused to grant it a licence for the protest, however, Al-Wefaq insisted on staging it. As a result, the authorities arrested number of protestors including clerics, political activists and human rights defenders.

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