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Bahrain Stops Annual Allowances for Government Employees, Excludes Military

2017-01-17 - 11:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's government decided to stop spending all kinds of annual allowances for all government employees affiliated to the Civil Service Bureau and government institution that manage their employees' affairs based on special regulations.

Decree 3/2017 stated "in the light of the financial crisis resulted in state revenues reduction due to oil price drop (...) the government decided to stop the annual periodic allowances in January 2017 for all employees subjected to the civil service law as well as all the employees in the government parties whose employees' affairs are managed based on special regulations."

The governmental circular was signed by the deputy Prime Minister Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa who heads the Ministerial Committee assigned to adjust government spending.

It is to note that the circular excluded the military from the decision to stop the annual allowances.

The government had already stopped all promotions, bonuses and part-time works. It had also lessened the over-time work to 50% until budget approval.  

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