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BCHR: 46 Arbitrary Detentions in 1 Week, Total 236 Years in 20 Prison Verdicts

2017-01-17 - 4:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Yousif Almuhafdah said that the Center documented 46 arrests within a span of 1 week. HE said that those arrested were also subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment.

"Arbitrary arrests this week 9-15 January BCHR documented a total of 46 arbitrary arrests, among them 4 children. 0 of them were released later", the Center stated.

Moreover, Almuhafdah added that protests continue in Bahrain, and the BCHR documented 137 marches in 40 villages, among them protests denouncing the execution of Bahraini detainees.

Almuhafdah noted that the riot police attacked 31 marches using scatter bullets and tear gas canisters in residential areas, causing injuries.

In terms of judicial sentences, the BCHR documented a total of 20 persons were judged in 5 politically motivated cases, amounting to a total of 236.6 years in prison and fine of 12,367 Bahraini Dinars.

Furthermore, the BCHR reported that the Bahraini authorities implemented the death sentences against 3 Bahraini citizens convicted with killing an Emirati officer and two policemen. The verdict was ruled in accordance with political trials based on confessions extracted under torture.

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