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Lebanonís Hezbollah: Execution of 3 Dissenters a Crime by Bahraini Regime, Its Arab and Western Supporters

2017-01-16 - 12:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: Lebanon's Hezbollah party condemned the Bahraini authorities' execution of 3 Bahraini dissenters, dubbing it as a crime. Hezbollah also held accountable the regime, and its Arab and Western supporters, who aid and protect the Bahraini regime.

The Hezbollah statement came as follows:

"Hezbollah denounces the crime committed by Bahraini authorities of executing three young innocent men who have been considered innocent by many international organizations who consider this act an illegal act of killing.

This crime, which the Bahraini and Arab regimes along with the western states which provide them support and protection bear responsibility for, is only one part of the greater crime committed by this regime against the people of Bahrain; the crime of ripping the people of their legal and civil rights and enforcing a state of oppression and terror and lately systematic killing inside prisons starting with torture and consequently execution.

All free forces in our societies and nations must also denounce the continuous silence of the Arab world and the rest of the world towards this crime; in addition to the involvement of the media in concealing how the lives and dignity of people are being wasted at the hands of the Bahraini regime. All free voices must launch campaigns of solidarity with the innocent blood which is being shed and the sacrifices of the oppressed people of Bahrain to let their voice be heard, and to reveal the atrocities committed against them.

It is clear that these executions will cancel any chance of reaching a political solution to the crisis in Bahrain, and will take the country to unpredictable days ahead which will threaten the stability of Bahrain itself and the entire region.

Hezbollah extends its deepest condolences to the families of the three martyrs and to the people of Bahrain and its patient and vigilant leadership, as we are certain that the people will continue their struggle until they realize their lawful rights which they have advocated for years."

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