Abbas Al-Samea’s Mother Reports his Will: Regime is to Take Escalating Step, Our Rights Will be Only Achieved by Sacrifices

2017-01-15 - 3:25 am

Bahrain Mirror: Mother of death row convict Abbas Al-Samea reported his will that read "The regime is about to take an escalating and scary step. If Bahrainis want to achieve victory, dignity, rights and freedom, they have to stand against the oppressor, sacrifice their children and money and say the word of righteousness in the face of the tyrant regime."

Al-Samea added in his will that his mother read through the LuaLua TV after visiting him in Jaw prison on the morning of Saturday (January 14, 2017) "None of these can be achieved unless through sacrifices, including stopping all works and schools."

He added "we only went out for the right".

Al-Samea's mother stated that the visit's atmosphere was "farewell" before she burst out crying.  She went on to say "the visit was a surprise and a shock. Even Abbas didn't know anything about it. He told us that the police raided his prison cell few minutes before the visit and transferred him to another one."

She continued "when we arrived at Jaw prison, the situation was scary. They took our cards from the parking and searched us very accurately in an unprecedented way." "We saw a huge number of policemen and commandos," Al-Samea's mother added.

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